mik@-Art: Regenerate the future


  1. Yoshu chosen agato. The Japanese word  for thorn-appel. Inspired by itself and recorded in October 1988.

  2. Konsens I/II. Remix of some samples of the VDM-sessions. It was done in November/december 1988, but never finished.

  3. Amen. A small piece, which was inspired by the devil-christ of politics itself. Let him talk like we did in January 1989.

  4. Cave lyram! mik plays guitar... he played it left-hand... but made it too fast... in June 1989.

  5. Lost documents. A nice song without a title for a long time. But after listening to it during searching some documents, it got one.  Recorded in February 1989 and titled 6 months later.

  6. Fexible answer. Fexible answer is our answer to flexible questions. Recorded in September 1989 with flexible equipment.

  7. Ritual cheesecake. Ritual music for cheesecakes. Recorded in August 1989 and dedicated to "Die Osmonds"

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