A NOTE IN THE WESTERN MUSIC (01.1988-09.1988)

pre-note: In all these songs, swnn try to comment the history of the music of the West(ern) world. the experiments are progressive treatments of classic and popular arrangements.

  1. Durch Spuren ins nichts unterbrochen. Based on different rhythmus and small melodies, it brings up the relation of the Western music and the eastern traditional music. It was composed and recorded in August 1988.

  2. 141-147,5. 141-147,5 is a kind of radio-play for blind people, wo interested in M. de Sade`s "120 day's of Sodom". It documents swnn`s interest in recycling books. It was recorded live in February 1988.

  3. Out of order. Name was progamme in March 1988.

  4. Woodoo. swnn performed a Woodoo-Ritual with original voodoo-rhythms. We just treated the Woodoo-beat in modern ways - with sequencer-loops and effects. Unfortunately nothing happened during this recording in September 1988.

  5. Karani devis. With this title we confessed our belive in the rat-temple of India. It was recorded live in May 1988 and remixed in June caused by the original senseless lyrics.

  6. Intermission in 8 movements. Eight classical songs of Western culture in one song! From Mozart to Sousa. (02.1988)

  7. Rquiem for Jah Public. Requiem for one of mik`s good friends, who died in 1988 after suffering epileptic fits. He was a good reggae-musician as everybody can hear in the background of this song, done in April 1988.

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