mik@-Art: desensibilisierung

DESENSIBILISIERUNG (05.1987-12.1987)

  1. Instrumentum aegrotum. Instrumentum aegrotum (lat.) was recorded by H.I.A.D. & mik@ on a drunk saturday evening during a free-jazz-trash session in May 1987. After that point of time swnn refused using guitars till their split in 1989.

  2. VDM, parts  3-6. vereinigte deutsche Metallwerke is a document of an open-air-happening in summer 1987 under the bridge of  solidarity (duisburg/Rheinhausen). Against swnn`s attitude,  swnn recorded these pieces with a stereo-recoder, impressed by the scenery under this bridge.

  3. Japan TV. this is swnn`s  first sound assemblage. that time they began to work intensively with already done material such as films, speeches or radio-plays. it was done in October 1987.

  4. New Bewusstsein. Using words by Hitler and Burroughs in one song, swnn show their real bad taste. this piece is the start of provoking strange feelings of the listener, it is also according to title and cover. (Recorded in November)

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