Music for various hands (12.1986-04.1987)

MUSIC FOR VARIOUS HANDS (12.1986-04.1987)

  1. Piece for two microphones. This first musical piece by swnn was recored in december 1986 witout any instruments. It is about working with different equipment and envirement in a 20 square-meter-room. it`s full of  stereo-effects, caused by using two mic. and switching channels & effects all the time. this piece is dedicated to Graf Hauffen.

  2. Unpleasent, parts 1 and 2. Unpleasent was a serial of some nice guitar-songs in the beginning of 1987 with rhytmical backround of tv-sets and Lps.

  3. To see one`s... / Walk on the line. These songs are a document of early works according to swnn`s interest in popular and classical arrengements. It was the first time that keyboards appeared in swnn musicial work. they were done in March 1987.

  4. The noise in my mind / Father reminds me... These are the last guitar-only works by swnn. they were recoreded in April 1987.

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