The sound of SWNN was once described as the sound of "a buddhist temple turned upside down during a ritual". A combination of ritual, industrial and psychedelic elements can be found here.

At the beginning SWNN was more a collective than a normal group of musicians. So the first recordings under this name where more or less the work of single persons, not of the group. After 18 months (in january 1988 to be exact) the first tracks of SWNN as a group were recorded. The aspect of experimenting was highly important. Now the collective decided that they should have a name and they have chosen SHEBA WORE NO NYLONS (this name is taken from an early 40ies soft-sex-flick). At the end of 1988 one member were excluded because of their desinterest in further development, leaving only three members. In november 1989 the project was disintegrated in one final session. A part of SWNN's recorded material was released in form of five audio tapes. Several times the project was close to be re-united, but it never happened. Their sound varies between early SPK and Throbbing Gristle influences and ritual music from different cultures, combined with drug-rock and psychedelic elements.





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